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  • Letter to Science: A global plastic treaty must cap production
    In a letter to the journal Science, we argue that capping and phasing out the production of new plastics must be part of a systemic solution to end plastic pollution. The central […]
  • Hosting Ukrainian Researchers
    If you are a Ukrainian scientist interested in microplastics and plastic pollution, our team can host you @ntnu. We will provide (some) initial financial support and will help you get legal support […]
  • Bettie’s presentation at SANO Sustainability Series 2022
  • Microplastics and child health in EHP
    We just published a commentary on early-life exposures to nano- and microplastics in Environmental Health Perspectives. Great work in an interdisciplinary team lead by Kam Sripada. Here is a public summary of […]
  • New paper in Nature Reviews
    Denise Mitrano and I have done some thinking, discussing and writing on how to make the plastics economy of the future should look like. Sustainability depends on (re)designing materials, products and systems […]
  • Double defence: Annkatrin and Christoph
    Two new PhDs in one day! Annkatrin Weber and Christoph Schür defended their PhD theses today at Goethe University Frankfurt. And, in a rare pandemic break, we were allowed to meet, discuss […]
  • Celebrating our Dr Lisa!
    Happy day today: Our Lisa (Zimmermann) defended her PhD thesis on the toxicity of plastic consumer products! So many new, exciting and important insights into the safety of plastic chemicals (or lack […]
  • Ingrid defended her Master’s thesis
    Today, our Master student Ingrid Erichsen successfully defended her Master thesis on “The effects of textile microfibres on essential physiological processes in Calanus finmarchicus“. The censors awarded her thesis and exam with an […]
  • Harini got an A grade Master’s
    Harini Pechiappan defended her thesis on “Effects of Nano- and Microplastics on Inflammatory Responses in Mactrophages in vitro” yesterday. The censors Aurelia Lewis and Tore Brembu awarded an A, the best grade […]
  • Toxicity of aged microplastics
    We just published a new paper entitled “Incubation in Wastewater Reduces the Multigenerational Effects of Microplastics in Daphnia magna.” This is the last paper of Christoph’s PhD project and part of the work […]
  • New LimnoPlast website
    Our brand new LimnoPlast project has a brand new website.
  • New report on microplastics
    The Norwegian Scientific Committee for Food and Environment (VKM) has published a new report on microplastics. We have co-authored the piece. Download here.
  • Two plastic reports for the European Commission
    Two new reports on plastics in the circular economy and on microplastics in nature and society have been published to which we have contributed.
  • New book on freshwater microplastics
    We have published an Open Access book on Freshwater Microplastics: Emerging Environmental Contaminants. Feel free to share and spread the word!