Microplastics and child health in EHP

We just published a commentary on early-life exposures to nano- and microplastics in Environmental Health Perspectives. Great work in an interdisciplinary team lead by Kam Sripada.

Few studies have addressed child-specific sources of exposure, and exposure estimates currently rely on generic assumptions rather than empirical measurements. Furthermore, toxicological research on NMPs has not specifically focused on child health, yet children’s immature defense mechanisms make them particularly vulnerable…

Sripada et al. (2022)

Here is a public summary of what we found and ISCHE and Little Things Matter provide prevention tips for parents/guardians and a short video:

Read the paper here:

Sripada, K., Wierzbicka, A. Abass, K., Grimalt, J., Erbe, A., Röllin, H. Weihe, P., Jiménez Díaz, G., Singh, R., Visnes, T., Rautio, A., Odland, J. Ø., Wagner, M. (2022) A children’s health perspective on nano- and microplastics. Environmental Health Perspectives
DOI: 10.1289/EHP9086