Bioanalytical toxicology: Who we are//what we do

NEW and important: If you are a Ukrainian scientist interested in microplastics and plastic pollution, our team can host you @ntnu. We will provide (some) initial financial support and will help you get legal support and finding an accommodation etc. Researchers from all disciplines are welcome, including social sciences and humanities! Mail Martin if you are interested. #ScienceForUkraine #Ukraine

At the Bioanalytical Toxicology group, we investigate the impact of plastics and other synthetic materials on human and ecosystem health. For that we are using state-of-the-art in vitro and in vivo bioassays to characterize the total toxicity of complex samples (e.g., leachates of plastic materials). We also apply non-target high resolution mass spectrometry and effect-directed chemical analysis to identify the compounds causing the observed toxicity. With this approach we aim at contributing to a more holistic understanding human and environmental exposomes. To achieve this, we are working at the interface of mechanistic toxicology, exposure science, analytical chemistry, and environmental health.

Our latest work focuses on

  1. Determining the drivers of nanoplastic and microplastic toxicity
  2. Assessing the environmental risks of plastic pollution
  3. Characterizing the toxicological profile of the chemicals present in and leaching from plastic consumer products
  4. Identify (unknown) plastic chemicals to better understand the contribution of plastics to the human exposome

Have a look at our project and publication lists for more information!

We are proud members of the Department of Biology at NTNU Trondheim.

Some of us still work at the Department Aquatic Ecotoxicology at Goethe University Frankfurt.