martinDr. Martin Wagner
Associated Professor

martin.wagner at ntnu dot no
+47 73413047


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Dr. Johannes Völker
Postdoctoral fellow

johannes.voelker at ntnu dot no

Study course: Bachelor in Biological Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (D), Master in Environmental Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (D)

Bachelor thesis: Impacts of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on aquatic organisms
Master thesis: Effects of titanium dioxide nanoparticles on aquatic invertebrates
PhD thesis: Ecotoxicity assessment for new technical wastewater treatment solutions targeted for organic micropollutant biodegradation in the ATHENE project
Dr. Laura Monclús Anglada
Postdoctoral fellow

laura.monclus at ntnu dot no

FINS Fellowship: PLASTIMPACT - The Impact of Microplastics on Birds: An Environmentally Realistic Approach

PhD thesis: Feathers as a matrix to assess stress response in birds and biomonitor environmental pollutants: an integrative approach at the Autonomous University of Barcelona (UAB), Spain
Trude Johansen
Staff engineer

trude.johansen at ntnu dot no
+47 73594070
Zdenka Bartosova
Staff engineer

zdenka.bartosova at ntnu dot no
Andrea Faltynkova
PhD fellow

Thesis: Applying Machine Learning to hyperspectral images for identifying microplastics
(co-supervision with Geir Johnsen)
Molly McPartland
PhD fellow

Thesis: TBA
(co-supervision with Johannes Völker)
Gabriël Olthof
PhD fellow

Thesis: In vivo toxicity of microplastics in the LimnoPlast project
(co-supervision with Johannes Völker)
Sarah Stevens
PhD fellow

Thesis: In vitro toxicity of plastics in the LimnoPlast project
(co-supervision with Johannes Völker)
Ingrid Erichsen
MSc student

Thesis: Uptake of microplastics by cod larvae
(co-supervision with Iurgi Imanol Salaverria-Zabalegui)
Inger Larsen Lyngstad
MSc student

Thesis: Effects of plastic leachates on polychaeta
(co-supervision with Andy Booth at SINTEF)
Harini Pechiappan
MSc student

Thesis: Uptake and impacts of nanoplastics on macrophages
(co-supervision with Felicity Ashcroft and Berit Johansen)
Eliana McCann Smith
MSc student

Thesis: Microplastics and seabirds
(co-supervision with Laura Monclus)
Erik Hvid Hundstad
MSc student

Thesis: Toxicity of microplastics made of biodegradable polymers
(co-supervision with Gabriël Olthof)

Hanna Sofie Skåland
MSc student

Thesis: Identification of plastic chemicals
(co-supervision with Sarah Stevens)
Mahnaz Jafari
MSc student

Thesis: Validating reproducible analytical pipelines for the analysis of microplastics in environmental samples
(external at NIVA, co-supervision with Amy Lusher and Bart van Bavel)
Team Frankfurt
Aennes Abbas
PhD fellow

abbas at

Study courses: Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Biotechnology at the University of Applied Sciences Mannheim; Master of Science in Environmental Studies (Technical University Hamburg-Harburg (D))
Master thesis: Toxicity of HHCB and its postulated role as chemosensitizer in C. elegans (Nematode bioassay)
PhD thesis: Characterization of the potential ecotoxicity of emerging water-borne micropollutants in the TransRisk project
Sabrina Giebner
PhD fellow

giebner at

Study course: Biology at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (D)
Diploma thesis: Ecotoxicological characterisation of nano-scale titanium dioxide
PhD thesis: Integrative detection of toxic and endocrine disrupting potentials and effects of trace pollutants of the river Schussen in the SchussenAktivplus project
Ilona Schneider
PhD fellow

i.schneider at

Study course: Biology at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (D)
Diploma thesis: Influence of sewage treatment plant effluents on the population structure of amphipods (Gammarus spec.)
PhD thesis: Risk characterisation of emerging pollutants in the water cycle in the TransRisk project
Christoph Schür
PhD fellow

Schuer at

Study course: Ecotoxicology at RWTH Aachen (D)
M.Sc. thesis: A comprehensive impact study for spherical and irregular microplastic particles on fitness-related endpoints in the crustacean Daphnia magna.
PhD thesis: Molecular biomarkers for microplastics effects in invertebrates in the MiWa project
Annkatrin WeberAnnkatrin Weber
PhD fellow at

Study course: Bachelor in Biological Sciences at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (D), Teacher's exam at Goethe University Frankfurt am Main (D)

Exam thesis: Effects of chronic microplastic exposure in Gammarus pulex in the Microplastics project
PhD thesis: Ecotoxicity of freshwater microplastics in the microplastics project
Annkatrin WeberLisa Zimmermann
PhD fellow

l.zimmermann at

Study course: Masters in Biological Sciences at University of Konstanz

PhD thesis: Toxicity of plastic chemicals and microplastics in the PlastX project

Former members

2013-2020Christian Scherer (PhD)
Thesis: Microplastics in freshwater bodies - Sources, fate and impacts
2019-2020Dhiya Sathananthan (MSc Ocean Resources)
Thesis: Selective Ingestion of Textile Microfibres by Calanus finmarchicus
(co-supervision with Iurgi Imanol Salaverria-Zabalegui and Andy Booth)
2020Sebastian Behr (Erasmus+ Trainee from Hochschule Fresenius, Idstein, Germany)
2019Siqi Wang (M.Sc. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)
Thesis: Baseline toxicity and estrogenic activity in baby food: influence of the packaging
2019Gianmarco Marino (Erasmus+ Trainee from Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona, Italy)
2014-2019Nina Jeckel (B.Sc. Biology, M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, PhD fellow)
2018-2019Shova Adhikari (M.Sc. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)
Thesis: Comparative toxicity of exfoliating products containing microplastics and alternative particles from Nepal
2018-2019Dina Tervik Rogstad (M.Sc. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)
Thesis: Effects of Microplastic Fibres on the Marine Microalgae Isochrysis galbana (T-ISO)
(co-supervision with Iurgi Imanol Salaverria-Zabalegui and Andy Booth)
2018-2019Therese Meyer (M.Sc. Marine Coastal Development)
Thesis: Optimising the frequency of clean-up actions in depositional coves in the Lofoten archipelago, Norway to maximize debris removal (external at SALT, Lofoten)
2012-2018Dennis Becker (PhD)
Thesis: Ecotoxicological assessment of new enzymatic decontamination technology regarding the degradation of recalcitrant micropollutants in wastewater in the ENDETECH project
2015-2018Scott Lambert (PostDoc)
Project: FreshwaterMPs
2018Beatrice Kulawig (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Identification of endocrine disruptors in thermal paper extracts
2017Carolin Weil (B.Sc.)
Thesis: Uptake of microplastics by freshwater bivalves
2017Sebastijan Vurusic (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Abundance of microplastics in the River Elbe
2017Kristina Klein (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Effects of irregular microplastics on the freshwater invertebrate Daphnia magna
2017Simon Umbach (B.Sc.)
Thesis: Uptake, excretion and effect of polystyrene microplastics in freshwater gastropods
2017Natascha Cascanette (B.Sc.)
Thesis: Microplastic: sediment analysis, spatial distribution, and degradation
2017Moritz Damm (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Environmental distribution and degradation of microplastics under outdoor conditions
2017Franz Jäger (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Polystyrene microplastics induced alteration of oxidative stress level (ORAC/TBARS) in the freshwater crustacean Daphnia magna
2017Anastasia Swonkow (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Extraction of microplastics from river sediments
2016Lydia Rongstock (B.Sc.)
Thesis: Effects of microplastics on freshwater organism communities in an artificial mesocosm study
2016Philipp Vikari (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Investigation of endocrine disrupting chemicals in sport and outdoor plastic bottles
2016Maximilian Hübinger (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Bioanalytical investigations of endocrine disrupting chemicals in personal care products
2016Maria Brose (B.Sc. student)
Research project: Sorption of endocrine activity to microplastics
2015Marie Hohoff (B.Sc.)
Thesis: Environmental fate of microplastics during wastewater treatment
2015Christoph Parsch (B.Sc.)
Thesis: Wastewater treatment plants as a source of microplastic in aquatic ecosystems
2014Daniâ Mazzeo (PostDoc)
EDCs in sewage sludge.
Research stay at our lab as part her Green Talents award.
2013Bertrand Gräf (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Mutagenic profiles of chemical mixtures in the AMES fluctuation assay
Performed externally at the Federal Institute for Hydrology
2012-2013Catherine Antoni (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Passive sampling of sediment-associated pollutants at the river Elbe
Performed externally at the Federal Institute for Hydrology
2012-2013Sarah Charaf (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Effects of endocrine disruptors on the reproduction of Physella acuta with focus on epigenetic modifications
2012-2013Lucie Valek (M.Sc.)
Thesis: CYP35A3::GFP induction and reproductive toxicity of β-Naphtoflavone and environmental water samples on Caenorhabditis elegans
2012-2013Elisabeth Berger (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Parabens detected in baby teething rings are xenoestrogens and anti-androgens
2012-2013Raoul Wolf (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Combined Effects of DEET and Permethrin on Aquatic Invertebrates
2012Theresa Hack (B.Sc.)
Thesis: In vitro detection of dioxin-like activity in human endometriosis and tumor cell lines
2012Albert Guart (PhD student)
Research stay to investigate EDCs in plastic food packaging.
2011-2012Andriy Reva (M.Sc.)
Thesis: Investigation of the specific modes of action of three environmentally relevant cytostatics
2009-2010Isabell Jersch (Diploma)
Thesis: Analysing the endocrine activity of environmental chemicals and samples with the yeast-two-hybrid assay for selected nuclear receptors
2009-2010Maximilian Behr (Diploma)
Thesis: Comparative assessment for endocrine active substances in food stuff by means of bioassays and chemical analyses
2006-2007Eva Luther (Diploma)
Thesis: Endocrine active chemicals in food packaging material
2005-2006Julia Horak (Teacher's exam)
Thesis: Assessing the leaching of estrogenic and anti-estrogenic compounds from food packaging material by means of a bioassay