martinDr. Martin Wagner

martin.wagner at ntnu dot no
+47 73413047


ORCID 0000-0002-4402-3234
Dr. Bettie Cormier
Postdoctoral fellow

bettie dot cormier at ntnu dot no

Project: Degradation and toxicity of plastics in the REVEAL project
Dr. Johannes Völker
Guest researcher

johannes.voelker at ntnu dot no

Project: Adipogenic activity of plastic chemicals
Dr. Laura Monclús Anglada
Postdoctoral fellow

laura.monclus at ntnu dot no

Project: PlastChem
Trude Johansen
Staff engineer

trude.johansen at ntnu dot no
+47 73594070
Zdenka Bartosova
Staff engineer

zdenka.bartosova at ntnu dot no
Sofie Altermark
PhD fellow

Project: Nanoplastics and the immune system
(co-supervision with Anne Marie Rokstad)
Molly McPartland
PhD fellow

Project: Interaction of plastic chemicals with G-protein coupled receptors and subsequent cellular alterations: an integrative approach
(co-supervision with Lena van Giesen)
Gabriël Olthof
PhD fellow

Project: In vivo toxicity of microplastics in LimnoPlast
(co-supervision with Bettie Cormier)
Sarah Stevens
PhD fellow

Project: Chemicals leaching from plastics: in vitro toxicity and identification of causative substances in LimnoPlast
(co-supervision with Johannes Völker)
Hoda Daneshvar
MSc student

Project: Polymer degradation
(co-supervision with Bettie Cormier)
Emma Ludvigsen
MSc student

Project: Toxicity of recycled plastics
(co-supervision with Bettie Cormier)
Tuva Nordby Falkenhaug
MSc student

Project: TBD
(external at SINTEF Ocean, co-supervision with Andy Booth and Bettie Cormier)
Caroline Elisabeth Paillard
MSc student

Project: Behvavioral effects of microplastic exposures
(co-supervision with Bettie Cormier)
Simen Ziel Stenersen Michler
MSc student

Project: GPCR agonists in plastics
(co-supervision with Molly McPartland)
Former members
2019-2024Andrea Faltynkova (PhD)

Thesis Advancing Methods for Sampling and Analysis of Microplastics in the Marine Environment
(co-supervision with Geir Johnsen)
(co-supervision with Andrea Faltynkova)
2022-2023Catherine Deschênes (M.Sc. Ocean Resources)

Thesis Environmental monitoring of microplastics using an unmanned vehicle and a hyperspectral imager
(co-supervision with Andrea Faltynkova)
2022-2023Faiza Zohaib (M.Sc. ENVITOX)

Thesis: Receptor-mediated toxicity of the chemicals extracted and migrated from plastics
(co-supervision with Sarah Stevens)
2022-2023Vivien Klein (engineer)

Project: cell culture work
2023Manon Perrier (M.Sc.)

Project: Toxicity of degraded microplastics in daphnids
(co-supervision with Bettie Cormier)
2023Laurine Leray (research intern)

Project: Hazard assessment of plastic chemicals
(co-supervision with Laura Monclús)
2021–2022Åsa Vedøy (M.Sc. Biotechnology)

Thesis: Exploring the link of inflammation and adipogenesis following exposure to plastic chemicals
(co-supervision with Johannes Völker)
2021–2022Ingrid Gisnås Vardeberg (M.Sc. Biotechnology)

Thesis: Disruption of Melatonin, Serotonin, and Adenosine Receptors by Chemicals in Plastic Food Packaging
(co-supervision with Molly MacPartland)
2021–2022Hanna Sofie Skåland (M.Sc. ENVITOX)

Thesis: Non-target analysis of chemicals extracted and migrated from plastic food contact articles
(co-supervision with Sarah Stevens)
2021–2022Erik Hvid Hundstad (M.Sc. Marine biology)

Thesis: Toxic effects of a petroleum-based and a biodegradable MP on the reproduction and mortality of Daphnia magna
(co-supervision with Gabriël Olthof)
2021–2022Chloe Lefebvre (Erasmus student)

Thesis: Development of a plastic degradation process to mimic environmental degradation
(co-supervision with Bettie Cormier)
2021–2022Mahnaz Jafari (M.Sc. ENVITOX)

Thesis: Validating reproducible analytical pipelines for the analysis of microplastics in environmental samples
(external at NIVA, co-supervision with Hans Peter Arp, Amy Lusher and Bart van Bavel)
2011–2021Aennes Abbas (PhD)

Thesis: Ecotoxicological characterization of micropollutants and wastewater samples from conventional biological and advanced wastewater treatment
(co-supervision with Jörg Oehlmann)
2016–2021Dr Christoph Schür (PhD)

Thesis: Tissue translocation, multigenerational and population effects of microplastics in Daphnia magna
(co-supervision with Jörg Oehlmann)
2016–2021Dr Annkatrin Weber (PhD)

Thesis: Microplastics in freshwater ecosystems - abundance, interaction with biota and toxicity
(co-supervision with Jörg Oehlmann)
2020–2021Eliana McCann Smith (M.Sc. ENVITOX)

Thesis: The effect of microplastic ingestion on the fatty acid composition of the Japanese quail (Corturnix japonica)
(co-supervision with Laura Monclús and Veerle Jaspers)
2020–2021Inger Larsen Lyngstad (M.Sc. ENVITOX)

Thesis: Chemical effects of common plastic products - Baseline toxicity screening and chronic toxicity to polychaetes
(co-supervision with Andy Booth and Stefania Piarulli at SINTEF)
2016–2021Dr Lisa Zimmermann (PhD)

Thesis: Toxicity of plastic consumer products: A biological, chemical and social-ecological analysis
(co-supervision with Carolin Völker and Jörg Oehlmann)
2020–2021Ingrid Erichsen (M.Sc. Natural Resources Management)

Thesis: The effects of textile microfibres on essential physiological processes in Calanus finmarchicus
(co-supervision with Iurgi Imanol Salaverria-Zabalegui)
2020–2021Harini Pechiappan (M.Sc. Biotechnology)

Thesis: Effects of Nano- and Microplastics on Inflammatory Responses in Mactrophages in vitro
(co-supervision with Felicity Ashcroft and Berit Johansen)
2013–2020Dr Christian Scherer (PhD)

Thesis: Microplastics in freshwater bodies - Sources, fate and impacts
2019–2020Dhiya Sathananthan (M.Sc. Ocean Resources)

Thesis: Selective Ingestion of Textile Microfibres by Calanus finmarchicus
(co-supervision with Iurgi Imanol Salaverria-Zabalegui and Andy Booth)
2020Sebastian Behr (Erasmus+ Trainee from Hochschule Fresenius, Idstein, Germany)
2019Siqi Wang (M.Sc. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)

Thesis: Baseline toxicity and estrogenic activity in baby food: influence of the packaging
2019Gianmarco Marino (Erasmus+ Trainee from Marche Polytechnic University, Ancona, Italy)
2014–2019Nina Jeckel (B.Sc. Biology, M.Sc. Environmental Sciences, PhD fellow)
2018–2019Shova Adhikari (M.Sc. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)
Thesis: Comparative toxicity of exfoliating products containing microplastics and alternative particles from Nepal
2018–2019Dina Tervik Rogstad (M.Sc. Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry)

Thesis: Effects of Microplastic Fibres on the Marine Microalgae Isochrysis galbana (T-ISO)
(co-supervision with Iurgi Imanol Salaverria-Zabalegui and Andy Booth)
2018–2019Therese Meyer (M.Sc. Marine Coastal Development)

Thesis: Optimising the frequency of clean-up actions in depositional coves in the Lofoten archipelago, Norway to maximize debris removal (external at SALT, Lofoten)
2012–2018Dr Dennis Becker (PhD)

Thesis: Ecotoxicological assessment of new enzymatic decontamination technology regarding the degradation of recalcitrant micropollutants in wastewater in the ENDETECH project
2015–2018Dr Scott Lambert (PostDoc)

Project: FreshwaterMPs
2018Beatrice Kulawig (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Identification of endocrine disruptors in thermal paper extracts
2017Carolin Weil (B.Sc.)

Thesis: Uptake of microplastics by freshwater bivalves
2017Sebastijan Vurusic (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Abundance of microplastics in the River Elbe
2017Kristina Klein (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Effects of irregular microplastics on the freshwater invertebrate Daphnia magna
2017Simon Umbach (B.Sc.)

Thesis: Uptake, excretion and effect of polystyrene microplastics in freshwater gastropods
2017Natascha Cascanette (B.Sc.)

Thesis: Microplastic: sediment analysis, spatial distribution, and degradation
2017Moritz Damm (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Environmental distribution and degradation of microplastics under outdoor conditions
2017Franz Jäger (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Polystyrene microplastics induced alteration of oxidative stress level (ORAC/TBARS) in the freshwater crustacean Daphnia magna
2017Anastasia Swonkow (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Extraction of microplastics from river sediments
2016Lydia Rongstock (B.Sc.)

Thesis: Effects of microplastics on freshwater organism communities in an artificial mesocosm study
2016Philipp Vikari (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Investigation of endocrine disrupting chemicals in sport and outdoor plastic bottles
2016Maximilian Hübinger (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Bioanalytical investigations of endocrine disrupting chemicals in personal care products
2016Maria Brose (B.Sc. student)

Research project: Sorption of endocrine activity to microplastics
2015Marie Hohoff (B.Sc.)

Thesis: Environmental fate of microplastics during wastewater treatment
2015Christoph Parsch (B.Sc.)

Thesis: Wastewater treatment plants as a source of microplastic in aquatic ecosystems
2014Dr Daniâ Mazzeo (PostDoc)

EDCs in sewage sludge.
Research stay at our lab as part her Green Talents award.
2013Bertrand Gräf (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Mutagenic profiles of chemical mixtures in the AMES fluctuation assay
Performed externally at the Federal Institute for Hydrology
2012–2013Catherine Antoni (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Passive sampling of sediment-associated pollutants at the river Elbe
Performed externally at the Federal Institute for Hydrology
2012–2013Sarah Charaf (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Effects of endocrine disruptors on the reproduction of Physella acuta with focus on epigenetic modifications
2012–2013Lucie Valek (M.Sc.)

Thesis: CYP35A3::GFP induction and reproductive toxicity of β-Naphtoflavone and environmental water samples on Caenorhabditis elegans
2012–2013Elisabeth Berger (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Parabens detected in baby teething rings are xenoestrogens and anti-androgens
2012–2013Raoul Wolf (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Combined Effects of DEET and Permethrin on Aquatic Invertebrates
2012Theresa Hack (B.Sc.)

Thesis: In vitro detection of dioxin-like activity in human endometriosis and tumor cell lines
2012Albert Guart (visiting PhD fellow)

Research stay to investigate EDCs in plastic food packaging.
2011–2012Andriy Reva (M.Sc.)

Thesis: Investigation of the specific modes of action of three environmentally relevant cytostatics
2009–2010Isabell Jersch (Diploma)

Thesis: Analysing the endocrine activity of environmental chemicals and samples with the yeast-two-hybrid assay for selected nuclear receptors
2009–2010Maximilian Behr (Diploma)

Thesis: Comparative assessment for endocrine active substances in food stuff by means of bioassays and chemical analyses
2006–2007Eva Luther (Diploma)

Thesis: Endocrine active chemicals in food packaging material
2005–2006Julia Horak (Teacher's exam)

Thesis: Assessing the leaching of estrogenic and anti-estrogenic compounds from food packaging material by means of a bioassay

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[…] Martin Wagner, a toxicologist at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, says that it is a misconception to assume bioplastics are safer. Most health concerns about plastics are linked to plastic additives, chemicals added to give polymers desirable properties, like flexibility and durability. “There are very few polymers that come with little added chemicals because they simply don’t work without added chemicals,” Wagner says. “They are needed for bio-based plastics and conventional plastics.” […]